Balance in Context:
Examination of Hong Kong

Education Beyond Borders: Balance in Context, Examination of Hong Kong is a cross-disciplinary study abroad course offered by the following colleges and universities:

About the Course

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3 Credit Course

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2 Months

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6 Days

Whether it’s within ourselves or between us and the world, maintaining balance is a constant struggle. As eastern concepts of balance become increasingly integrated into different aspects of western culture, it is important to embrace the various ways these concepts may be applied to professional fields. Those willing to open themselves up to new ways of thinking will better position themselves to impact communities on an international scale and distinguish themselves as leaders within our complex global workforce.

Education Beyond Borders: Balance in Context, Examination of Hong Kong is a cross-disciplinary, two-month course that culminates in a six-day study abroad experience in Hong Kong. Having only recently transitioned from western colonialism, Hong Kong continues to navigate the challenges of maintaining balance between a burgeoning industry, environmental concerns, and its diverse range of cultures.

Examination of Hong Kong is a collaborative effort between TCS Education System and its community of colleges and universities. Students and faculty will meet to study the topic of balance as it relates to disciplines including psychology, education, law, health care, and culture. Here, you will have the opportunity to add international exposure to your resume while forging relationships with professionals from around the world.

04.01.19 – Registration live

08.01.19 – Application deadline

October – November 2019 – Pre-arrival, online course

December 3 -8 , 2019 – In-Country: Hong Kong

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